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This is my photo!

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Drugstore Collective Beauty Haul

Yesterday I did a post about a drugstore item I bought. I also commented on how I rarely buy makeup from the drugstore which got me thinking about the very short list of things I’ve bought. I thought I’d share them and tell you what I thought!

These are all the beauty related items I’ve ever purchased from a CVS/Walgreens/Walmart.

1. Covergirl/Maybelline/Loreal Mascara

I’ve done a whole Mascara post with these guys included, please see that post for more info

2. Maybelline BB Cream


I bought the wrong color. I tried to work with the wrong color. I learned that you cannot work with a shade that is far too light for you. I didn’t care for the consistency either. Its very thin and runny and I’m aware of it on my face.

3. Hard Candy Concealer


This was really cakey. Like super duper caked. But that was on my skin, which is combination. I tried it on a friend and it looked really good on her. I think the thickness wasn’t ideal for my face. It came in a duo with a tube and a pencil. I gave away the tube but kept the pencil because it serves a nice lip enhancer.

4. Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer


I heard this was supposed to be good but it made me so oily!!! It was darker than expected too. I was aware I had makeup on my face and I couldn’t touch it. I wasn’t a fan.

5. Alba Botanica Skin Line


My first skin care line when I was in high school!! I had the cleanser, moisturizer, and pineapple scrub. I really liked the moisturizer! It was the sea moss kind, which I actually think they discontinued because I can’t find it anymore!

6. Essie Nail Polish

Favorite. Nail. Polish. Brand. EVER. They are such good quality and the color variety is to die for. My nails don’t feel like they want to fall off after applying this brand on them. My manicure lasts really long too!


7. Maybelline Baby Lips


I have these in abouttttttt 7 different colors. Needless to say, I freakin love these. I bought them originally because when I had braces, my lips were swollen and chapped. NOTHING I would put on them helped until I bought one of these babies. I’m in love! They are sheer but go on so naturally and look so pretty! My favorite shade is “Cherry Me”. I haven’t bought any of the neon colors yet but I want to try them all!

8. Maybelline Color Tattoo

maybelline_fiercetangy005 maybelline_fiercetangy003

I bought this in orange to do some under eye concealing. Orange is supposed to cancel out blues so it made sense. Little did I know that this stuff sticks to your skin like no other. I have orange fingers every time I try to use it. It also has a ton of shimmer in it so I veto this product.

9. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner


I don’t know why everyone says this eyeliner is amazing. I find it to smudge so incredibly bad. You get a ton in the pot and it never seems to dwindle away so unfortunately I’m stuck with for a while. I bought this because I lost the lid of my smashbox gel eyeliner and a friend had told me this was the best alternative. Within an hour of putting it on my lid, I get really greasy, black lids for the smudging. I don’t care for this and cannot wait to go back to smashbox. The brush sucks too.

10. Revlon Lip Butters


Everyone talks about these. I actually really like them too! I find that lip colors are really hard to pick out for me. I’ve bought 4 of them and gave 3 away to my sister and mom. But I have one left that is almost my exact lip color. My lips look really pretty and nice after application. They are kind of expensive though…

11. Eos Lip balm

lip balms eos

FREAKIN LOVE THESE SO MUCH OMGAHHH. SO SO SO MUCH. They are the best lip balm ever! They are so fun haha!

12. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo



Bought this on recommendation from Negin Mirsalehi’s blog. She notes that it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me! Its a gentle acne treatment.

13. CVS Brand Makeup Remover


My favorite brand/type of makeup removing wipes. They are so perfect and do the job so well. And they are CHEAP. I’ve tried more expensive brands and I always go back to these.

14. Physicians Formula Nude Highlighting Pen

See post from yesterday. Not a fan. It doesn’t sit well on my face and it gives me more of a white than a gold highlight. Not a good impulse buy.

15. Terminator10 Acne Treatment


Guys, if you suffer from acne and have tried it all but this… TRY THIS. Its amazing. It’s cheap but works wonders. It has such a high percentage of the active ingredient so it really penetrates into the pimple. Careful though, you can burn your skin if you use too much..


This is all I can think of for now. I’m sure theres more but I’m not able to think of any.

Personally, the reason why I don’t enjoy drug store makeup is because I feel like there isn’t much consistency with the product. Higher end brands are tested more than the things you get from the drug store. I feel like when you sell something for 40 or 50 dollars, theres more emphasis on quality. Plus I’d rather spend that money once and get something that will last me a long time versus buying something for half that but run out quickly.

But I could overlook all that if I was able to sample them. I wouldn’t be afraid of wasting money if I could swatch these items or sample them!

Ulta is good in this regard because they give you more opportunities to see the lower end items outside of the containers. So thumbs up to them.


Impulse Buy #1

I was at CVS today, trying to spend my extra bucks when I stumbled upon something so pretty I had to buy it.

I seldom buy drugstore makeup…Not to sound snooty but I prefer higher end brands that have been proven to work for me. Plus I love how you can always sample the items at the department store, whereas what you see at drugstores in the package is what you get. You have to go home and try it to see if you like it… If it doesn’t work for you, tough luck.

As I was roaming the isles, I saw this BEAUTIFULLY packaged item. I hate hate hate HATE when people critique packaging when it comes to cosmetics. You aren’t buying the packaging or display of the item. It’s such a pet peeve of mine to hear people say stuff about packaging because that should not determine what you think of the item.

HOWEVER. I feel like a hypocrite because today, for the first time ever, I bought something because of its packaging. I’ve never heard of this item and I’ve never bought anything from this brand. BUT:

Enter Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Pen.


Its rose gold and pink. WITH A BOW. I can’t. I feel like if everything in the line by this brand was made the same way I would have walked out with everything. It was so so so pretty I couldn’t help myself.

I have one other highlighting/concealing pen by YSL…The touché éclat which is my favorite item ever as far as concealers go. However that thing costs more than my weekly paycheck so I took a chance and bought this on a whim. It cost $12.95 which I consider a lot for drugstore. When I buy things at CVS/Walmart I don’t like going over 6 or 7 dollars because then I can just double that amount and go to Clinique where I know the product will be stellar.

I’ve only been able to swatch on my hand today and my first impression is that it is very watery and runny, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.  I also don’t know how I feel about the brush.


I’ll keep you all updated on how I feel it wears afterwards!

But side note… If all my lipsticks/mascaras/brushes were in rose gold tubes with a pink bow I think I’d cry real life tears.

How bout them apples??

I recently was introduced to cream blushes and thought I’d give them a try. I liked the concept that cream blushes are good for summer because they blend well into the skin, and I like how you can also use the colors on your lips.

I splurged on theBalm palette from and I LOVEEE THIS!


Heres a close up of the colors.



I use Cider the most. It is a peach color that really gives my cheeks a beautiful color.

Pie is a pink hue that has a fuscia undertone.

Candy is a lighter pink that looks like a rosy peach.

Cobbler is NOT good for your cheeks. One light dab gives your lips the best red tint.

Crisp is a shimmer pink with an almost orange tint. I don’t really like shimmery cheeks or lips so I don’t use this often.

And Lastly, Carmel is a nice brown. You can use this to contour if you think its too brown for you.

Overall, I’m really in love with this palette. I think you should check it out! I bought it for $32.00 and I reach for it more than anything. The shades last about 2-3 hours so reapplying is a must for me!

I use the elf studio stipple brush to apply this because it packs on the color well.


The palette is perfect travel size and perfect for summer.

I highly recommend trying the cream blush route from them!


My everyday makeup story

I seldom ever wore makeup in high school. I was awkward, ugly, chubby, and had no self esteem. My only skill in the beauty world lied in flat ironing my hair till it set off the smoke detector in our house from all the sizzling. 

My sister had tried to get me into tinted moisturizers and cover up to help my uneven skin tone. She even bought me the complete alba botanical skin line and passed down a bottle of chanel foundation for special occasions. But I never really cared enough to wear it regularly.

When I got to college, I wanted my outlook on everything to change. I wanted to stop feeling so insecure and wanted to take care of myself. I lost weight, I became confident, and I started looking good for ME. I wanted to be happy with the person I saw in the mirror and I wanted to feel beautiful.

Makeup has definitely helped me feel good about myself. I know its superficial to think you need something from the outside to make you on the inside better, but honestly, it works for me and I’m happy about it. I don’t wear much makeup in my opinion and I go out without it on too. I’m not 100% dependent on it. But I would also be lying to you if I said I don’t feel naked without it. Its a struggle to find a balance and its something I honestly work on. I just never want to feel like I did in high school. People don’t realize that those four years stick with you more than any other time in your life.

It took me a while to find the best makeup for me, but after I did, I’ve stuck with it for 3+ years!




1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer – This is just a really good moisturizer that makes my foundation stick


2. Clinique Even Better Foundation – My holy grail. I’ve used #16 for 3 years and I will never stop. Its beautiful coverage and so natural. It really makes me look like myself, just a bit enhanced.  I use a sephora foundation brush and a fake beauty blender I got at marshalls to apply/blend!


3. Nars Laguna Bronzer – This is my setting powder. I literally run my brush over my face once with this and it sets it + gives me a glow. I use a Clinique powder foundation brush to put this on!


4. Mac Melba Blush or Lancome Sheer Amourose – Either of these are beautiful. Melba is peach while Sheer Amourose looks like a gross matte color in the pan but it is BEAUTIFUL on. I seriously think its the most universal color ever and its perfect for beginners because its very hard to over apply this color!



5. Mascara – I have like 3 favorites. Anything by Clinique is good. Bare minerals volumizing is my favorite, as is Lancome hypnose drama. I usually wear many many coats of mascara because by the end of the day, thats all you can see on my face. Sometimes to be outrageous I wear blue mascara hehe!


6. Optional: Kat von D tattoo eyeliner – For the days I want to change up my look a little more


In all honesty, the makeup is super simple and super natural. People can’t tell I’m wearing anything sometimes. And I don’t care to conceal my more obvious imperfections on a day to day basis but sometimes I use a ysl highlighter to conceal if I have a pimple. And I also don’t really wear lip products or eyeshadow because those really aren’t my thing.


Tell me your routine!!!!



That typical Birchbox and Ipsy post

I feel like every single beauty/fashion lover has a post or video about Birchbox and Ipsy and all the other monthly subscription boxes on the market.

To be honest, I’m SO sick of watching youtubers talk about these boxes because I feel they 1. take FOREVER to show the items and 2. they only give you a two second ‘first impressions’ video or their reviews consist of what they ‘expect’ the product will be like. I feel like Birchbox could send some of these girls a product that retails for 50 cents and they would go on and on about how amazing that product will be and how they’re all so excited to try it!!!!!! Like how about you just post a damn photo of the box and link me to a site where the product gets real reviews from people who’ve used it for more than a day. Thats all I want. It feeds my nosey side of knowing whats in your box and lets me avoid seeing you hold up the two boxes in your preview thumbnail photo. I’m being mean, I know, but its one of my pet peeves. -__- Big props to all the bloggers that don’t do this.

ANYHOOO. My best friend bought me a 6 month Birchbox for Christmas and I have to say I was pretty satisfied. I love trying products and samples and I’ve got some pretty cool stuff. My favorites include the Keims clarifying shampoo because it helps my oily scalp from spilling over and frying an egg lol. I also really love the How Bout Them Apples palette from theBalm. I purchased the full size of these two.

A huge plus is that Birchbox has one of the best customer service representatives I’ve ever dealt with. My original order of the Keims shampoo spilled all over the stuff I ordered and not only did they send me the products I ordered again, but they also gave me 100 points to the store. Another scenario was that my box was sent to my old school address this month and I never received it, so they immediately sent me a new box with no questions asked.

The point system with them is amazing too. I have 300 points and can’t wait to order something nice!

My subscription ended this month and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I won’t be repurchasing this box anytime soon however because I just paid for the Kaplan MCAT and moneys a bit tight.

Now to ipsy. My sisters bought this service. I’m not sure what more to say because its only been their second month having it but I do like the concept of the makeup bags. But speaking as someone who has about 15 cosmetic bags from those ‘gift with purchases’ at the department stores, I feel like I could do without it. I find that ipsy sends them more makeup items than Birchbox which may suggest a different crowd target.  To be honest, I wouldn’t mind trying this service for myself because I’m a complete sucker for makeup.

My suggestion is to try one of them out. If your more of an anything goes person, you would probably like Birchbox. I’ve gotten random stuff like chocolate bars, nature bars, nail polish, brow gel… And if your more of a cosmetic gal, I’d go with ipsy. They sent my sister this stripper pink lip color and it was interesting to play around with. (And if your a guy, Birchbox has a mens box!)

I leave ya’ll with a description of what I got in my box for May!

1. Smashbox photo finish primer (WHICH I’VE WANTED TO TRY FOR YEARS!!!!)

2. Coola Post-sun cream

3. Caudalie oil

4. Pixi shea butter lip color in a coral hue

5. Some random chewy gummies I didn’t want

6. Kate Spade Saturday coupon which I also didn’t want

So which team do you choose? Porque no las dos?!?



Peace out guys!