Lash Stash – Mascara Tips 101


This post took me a while to write. So bear with me. My favorite part of doing makeup is my mascara. I seldom wear eyeshadow so I really want my small eyes to POP and stop looking so tired. My makeup usually fades but the one thing that I want to stay are my gravity-defying lashes.

I personally really like the extreme Kim-K look because I don’t care if they come out chunky. I have dark features and dark hair so its not as noticeably bad on me than it is on someone with lighter lashes.


Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with the skill on how to wear fake lashes. I’ve tried. I really have. I just can’t do it.

So I do what I can to make them make a statement themselves.

Before I go into detail of my favorites/not so favorites, I want to give you guys my tips for mascaras.

1. ALWAYS GET THE SAMPLE SIZE. The amount of control you have from the small brush is incomparable. The big wand is nice but the little wand gives you more precision and your able to really do some magic. I hate buying mascaras that are large and I often gravitate towards the minis. I stock up on them during gifts with purchases or the sephora holiday sets.

2. Curl them first! This seems obvious but sometimes people curl after they’ve applied the mascara and I don’t understand why this is. It bends your lashes that have been coated with fibers and its not good for them. Its also not fun to get the sticky mascara on your curler. I personally skip the curling unless I’m feeling like trying something different.

3. Wiggle and look down. Another obvious one but still worth mentioning. Wiggle the brush and keep your eyes down. Keep doing this and then look up and apply a final coat.

4. Do the bottom lashes for extra OOMPH. You’ll thank me. You’re eyes will like bright open and glamorous!

5. Use a primer! It gives a nice coat for your lashes to stick to, and most of them make your lashes look longer. Beware though, the ones I’ve tried give you a white look and you gotta wait for that white to dry before you go in with a black coat.

6. The most important tip I can give you: Layer, layer, layer! Layer different mascaras on top of one another! Every mascara offers something different. So if you have one that gives amazing volume and another that gives amazing length, layer the two. The combined affect is outrageous!

Here is a composite list of all the mascaras I’ve tried ever. I have a few more samples at home of things I’ll try once these are over. I tried to include photos of the brushes too.

1. CoverGirl Lash Blast  


This was my first mascara ever! I bought the orange one and the pink one because I liked how chunky the tubes were. I don’t remember much of but I don’t’ think I was very fond of them. They did an average job.

2. Maybelline Colossal

2010 law

This was horrible. HORRIBLE. My lashes felt hard and gross and this mascara barely curled my lashes. (I didn’t even bother finding you guys a photo of the brush, its not worth it)


3. Clinique High Impact Mascara


This is one of my everyday classic mascaras. On its own, its a decent mascara. But layered, it provides a nice foundation for all my other mascaras. I like it! It’s cheap and gets the job done

4. Clinique Lash Doubling


This doesn’t give you volume. Nor does it double your lashes. IT DOES however double the LENGTH of your lashes. My lashes have never looked longer. They aren’t fuller, they are just very very long with this so it kinda does makeup for not giving volume. It really separates each and every lash so I enjoy using this on days I want to keep it simple in intensity but I still want to look glam

5. Clinique High Lengths


This brush is jelly like. It bends and has little bristles that stand erect. Its a very wet and very dark formula. My lashes are already black but this makes them VERY black and moist. It does dry easy however. I use this seldom because it doesn’t layer very well with other mascaras.

6. Clinique Bottom Lash


I got this in a set. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have paid for it. Its an alright mascara. I just like the tiny brush because I can go into the corner of my upper lashes. Defeats the whole purpose of a bottom lash haha but it works. I find that it gives me too much mascara on the bottom lash. I want my bottom lashes to be evenly coated but this concentrates it on the lashes it hits first.

7. Benefit Bad Gal

benefit badgal lash mascara

Bad Gal? More like Bad Mascara. Please tell me why this smudges like no other. I don’t get it. Its not good. I don’t like it. I used coat after coat and didn’t see anything praise worthy.

8. Lancome Hypnose Drama


This. Is. Wonderful. Look at the brush. It catches your lashes from every corner and really pulls the back up to curl them. I LOVE this mascara alone and layered. It does a really good job at giving you fullness and volume.

9. Sephora Outrageous Volume


This is one of my favorite mascaras of all time. I got it in a sample box and after months of having it I decided to try it. It’s the most wet formula I’ve ever tried and it takes forever to dry. You have to be super careful to let them dry. Its really hard to remove too and makes a mess. BUT WHEN YOU SEE HOW YOUR LASHES LOOK ITS WORTH IT. I love love love my sample size of this. I think thats partially why I’m such a fan. I have a huge brush and so much control! You gotta try this!

10. Sephora Full Action Mascara in Blue


Its a blue mascara. And it shows up on my black lashes. And looks so cool in the sun. I love it. It actually does a decent job at lengthening too!

11. Bare Escentuals


I love this baby. Its the ultimate volumizing, lengthening, and thickening mascara. Its a huge brush but not a lot of product comes out of once because of the formula. It keeps my lashes soft, unlike most mascaras. They feel flexible ever after hours of wear. I love this!

12. Loreal Teloscopic



I liked the theory behind this. I used the ball on the bottom lashes and in the inner upper corner where I find I lack lashes and my usual mascaras can’t reach. But ultimately, it was not something I would rave about.

13. MaryKay



The computer lady at my high school was a mary kay rep. Somehow, I was convinced to buy this. I didn’t like it at all. It didn’t do anything for me. So thats a brief explanation but true.

14. Estee Lauder Sumptuous 


This again, didn’t do anything for me. It flaked. It dried out easy. It was a dry formula to begin with so I wasn’t super impressed.


I have a Tarte, Clinique, and Makeup Forever waiting for me at home to try after I’m done with these guys! I also heard the Loreal Million Lashes is supposed to be a nice mascara as well as Diorshow.

For everyday, I usually start off with one coat of Clinique followed by either the hypnose drama or bare minerals. And since its summer now, I sometimes put some of my blue mascara for an extra pop of color.

Btw. I don’t work for Clinique or anything haha. I just get lots of gifts with purchases since they are my favorite makeup line.

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Bauble Bauble!

I discovered the website from youtube about two summers ago. When ROSE GOLD was THE ultimate accessory color, I remember watching a series of youtube videos of people showing off these beautiful bracelets they got from this website.


Naturally, I checked it out and fell in love too. It was weird for me because up until I discovered this page, I never owned non-designer jewelry. I was so accustomed to having a big TIFFANY AND CO or VIVA LA COUTURE on everything I owned, so it came as a shock that I was obsessed.

Baublebar used to be that you would make an account and then by signing up you got a certain number of dollars off your first purchase…can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure you got 100 vault points which meant $10… because 10 vault points equals 1 dollar off…

The promotion was substantial enough for me to decide to stock up on all these really cool pieces.

The hidden vault they feature (an item thats been discounted) would make me really excited too because I could get really awesome pieces for dirt cheap. The only downside is you can’t use your vault points on the special piece.

It was such a lovely romance…until bauble bar became famous.

Like, we’re talking deals with nordstrom and being featured everywhere.

And with fame, comes arrogance

They got SO expensive.

I no longer can justify spending money on a necklace because a style that would have been in the high 20 range is now in the 30 or 40. Thats just too much for trendy jewelry. I’d much rather go to TJMAXX or Forever 21.

I really miss ordering stuff from them too but unless I find something I can’t live without, I won’t buy their stuff anymore. I make $8.85 an hour, thats like one fake gem on a necklace. Its a shame. I really enjoyed the free shipping and the cute protective bags the jewelry came in. They have quality fashion jewelry as well. Everything I’ve bought has been well made.

I’m not bashing them for their jewelry (because I still love it!), I’m just saying I can’t deal with the expensive factor that wasn’t there when it first started off. But hey, supply and demand, huh.

That being said, I went through the website and found some of the pieces I would buy if money was not an issue.

^$230 for this is crazy. CRAZY. but i like it.

I’m noticing a lot of fake looking silver/diamond aka rustic look, lots of braided thread pieces, and lots of of blues. I’m not really a fan of much this season anyway to be honest.

OHH AND BEFORE YOU GO: check out what the CEOS had to say about their company!


Tell me where you buy your jewelry!!!!

VAUNTE it all!

I was skeptical when my sister first told me about the website VAUNTE. I didn’t understand what was so revolutionizing behind having a website that was essentially like ebay or a second hand shop. When I logged on however, I saw the light. 


I mean there it was. A new way of shopping!

So heres how it works.  

The website features fashionistas and socialites who have one too many Guccis in their closets. So they sell these extra things for cheap prices and get the cash. 

Its different than ebay in many ways. The first thing I noticed on the website was the beautiful way they market the items. The photos look professional and make the website look presentable. Plus there is no bidding. You see an item, you buy it. End of story. Next, they guarantee authenticity. If for whatever reason that LV seems like it looks fake, they won’t sell it. This put me to ease because nothing is worse than paying for something you think is real only to find out its not. Trust me, its happened before and there was nothing I could do about it. And lastly, I get to see the closets of actual people who actually wore this stuff. I find its not like most secondhand/vintage places were they sell the stuff no one wants (cough cough pointed toe vintage Pradas)

The most exciting thing is that you don’t have to be a socialite/fashionista to sell your items! Just make a profile, take pictures, and wait for VAUNTE to oversee the authenticity. You’ll get 85% of the selling price when it sells!!!

When I made an account on the website, they gave me a 50 dollars off a purchase of 150 or more. I’m waiting for someone to sell a Burberry jacket 😉

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.24.03 AM