Bauble Bauble!

I discovered the website from youtube about two summers ago. When ROSE GOLD was THE ultimate accessory color, I remember watching a series of youtube videos of people showing off these beautiful bracelets they got from this website.


Naturally, I checked it out and fell in love too. It was weird for me because up until I discovered this page, I never owned non-designer jewelry. I was so accustomed to having a big TIFFANY AND CO or VIVA LA COUTURE on everything I owned, so it came as a shock that I was obsessed.

Baublebar used to be that you would make an account and then by signing up you got a certain number of dollars off your first purchase…can’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure you got 100 vault points which meant $10… because 10 vault points equals 1 dollar off…

The promotion was substantial enough for me to decide to stock up on all these really cool pieces.

The hidden vault they feature (an item thats been discounted) would make me really excited too because I could get really awesome pieces for dirt cheap. The only downside is you can’t use your vault points on the special piece.

It was such a lovely romance…until bauble bar became famous.

Like, we’re talking deals with nordstrom and being featured everywhere.

And with fame, comes arrogance

They got SO expensive.

I no longer can justify spending money on a necklace because a style that would have been in the high 20 range is now in the 30 or 40. Thats just too much for trendy jewelry. I’d much rather go to TJMAXX or Forever 21.

I really miss ordering stuff from them too but unless I find something I can’t live without, I won’t buy their stuff anymore. I make $8.85 an hour, thats like one fake gem on a necklace. Its a shame. I really enjoyed the free shipping and the cute protective bags the jewelry came in. They have quality fashion jewelry as well. Everything I’ve bought has been well made.

I’m not bashing them for their jewelry (because I still love it!), I’m just saying I can’t deal with the expensive factor that wasn’t there when it first started off. But hey, supply and demand, huh.

That being said, I went through the website and found some of the pieces I would buy if money was not an issue.

^$230 for this is crazy. CRAZY. but i like it.

I’m noticing a lot of fake looking silver/diamond aka rustic look, lots of braided thread pieces, and lots of of blues. I’m not really a fan of much this season anyway to be honest.

OHH AND BEFORE YOU GO: check out what the CEOS had to say about their company!


Tell me where you buy your jewelry!!!!




Well. Lets drop the tribute part and just leave it at volunteer. (But you go Jen!)

I love volunteering. I really do. In high school, when I didn’t have a car or a job, I would find organizations to work for during my down time and I realized I loved jumping from place to place helping out. It makes me feel good about myself and I feel like I’m a part of something. It also gives me something to do when I say I’m bored and sick of TV and junk food… so basically when I’m so over wasting my life away. I’ve worked in soup kitchens which let my inner chef feel useful, I’ve tutored kids which makes me feel scholarly, and I’ve fundraised money for the homeless which makes me feel all business-y. I’ve done a lot of different things and its a ton of a fun.

I do it for the inner gratification I get because I not only feel like I’ve done good, but I’ve also had a good time doing it! I don’t commit to something I know I won’t be able to be productive in because there are people out there far better suited for the job than me. So I find something that interests me, and I do it.

My dream would be to start my own NGO and do something BIG. I’m still thinking of what cause make me excited to help. I feel like there are so many wonderful organizations out there but theres got to be something I can do differently to make a difference. Passion and dedication is critical in these instances because you have to stick it out and not be bored with it. You often times don’t get the immediate results you want so its difficult. And in a generation where we can simply toss things out when we’re done, thats a challenge.


This past Sunday I volunteered at a Pediatric Cancer event. As a pediatric cancer survivor, I was very excited to partake it the event. I’ve been 17 years in remission and while I don’t remember my treatment, I do remember the years of checkups and doctor visits that followed. Its not something you would wish upon anyone.

So when I saw these kids come to my tent and get their registration item, I felt like every bit of my heart wanted to help them. Theres a fine line between empathy and pity, but sometimes its so hard to witness things without feeling shaken.

When you ask a kid how long its been since diagnosis and they ask you which time, because theres been more than one, you can’t help but tremble.

Maybe its survivors guilt. Maybe its the fact that life isn’t fair. Maybe its the fact I am standing in front of them with my survivor shirt that is identical to theirs but yet we couldn’t look more different; I have over 20 inches of healthy hair and weigh 6x as much as they do. My skin glows with its tan pigmentation and they are paler than Casper. And maybe its the fact that you can’t do anything medical wise that makes you want to do everything else for them.

They don’t want pity, nor do they want your emotions. But what they do want is you around them, taking part in positive activities such as the the survivorship event. Even if you weren’t directly effected by it, these events make you aware of the issues in the world around you.

Being around those kids, as sad as it was, felt like home. I feel like this is my true calling. Taking care of the sick and giving everything I can.

Thats the beauty in volunteering. You discover your passions and callings. I urge you all to take a moment from your busy lives. We all have things to do but taking a few hours from your day every once in a while to help someone you don’t know is more rewarding than anything else out there. And who knows, you may end up finding a new hobby.


I wear my orange ribbon necklace everywhere!

I wear my orange ribbon (for leukemia) necklace everywhere!

My everyday makeup story

I seldom ever wore makeup in high school. I was awkward, ugly, chubby, and had no self esteem. My only skill in the beauty world lied in flat ironing my hair till it set off the smoke detector in our house from all the sizzling. 

My sister had tried to get me into tinted moisturizers and cover up to help my uneven skin tone. She even bought me the complete alba botanical skin line and passed down a bottle of chanel foundation for special occasions. But I never really cared enough to wear it regularly.

When I got to college, I wanted my outlook on everything to change. I wanted to stop feeling so insecure and wanted to take care of myself. I lost weight, I became confident, and I started looking good for ME. I wanted to be happy with the person I saw in the mirror and I wanted to feel beautiful.

Makeup has definitely helped me feel good about myself. I know its superficial to think you need something from the outside to make you on the inside better, but honestly, it works for me and I’m happy about it. I don’t wear much makeup in my opinion and I go out without it on too. I’m not 100% dependent on it. But I would also be lying to you if I said I don’t feel naked without it. Its a struggle to find a balance and its something I honestly work on. I just never want to feel like I did in high school. People don’t realize that those four years stick with you more than any other time in your life.

It took me a while to find the best makeup for me, but after I did, I’ve stuck with it for 3+ years!




1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer – This is just a really good moisturizer that makes my foundation stick


2. Clinique Even Better Foundation – My holy grail. I’ve used #16 for 3 years and I will never stop. Its beautiful coverage and so natural. It really makes me look like myself, just a bit enhanced.  I use a sephora foundation brush and a fake beauty blender I got at marshalls to apply/blend!


3. Nars Laguna Bronzer – This is my setting powder. I literally run my brush over my face once with this and it sets it + gives me a glow. I use a Clinique powder foundation brush to put this on!


4. Mac Melba Blush or Lancome Sheer Amourose – Either of these are beautiful. Melba is peach while Sheer Amourose looks like a gross matte color in the pan but it is BEAUTIFUL on. I seriously think its the most universal color ever and its perfect for beginners because its very hard to over apply this color!



5. Mascara – I have like 3 favorites. Anything by Clinique is good. Bare minerals volumizing is my favorite, as is Lancome hypnose drama. I usually wear many many coats of mascara because by the end of the day, thats all you can see on my face. Sometimes to be outrageous I wear blue mascara hehe!


6. Optional: Kat von D tattoo eyeliner – For the days I want to change up my look a little more


In all honesty, the makeup is super simple and super natural. People can’t tell I’m wearing anything sometimes. And I don’t care to conceal my more obvious imperfections on a day to day basis but sometimes I use a ysl highlighter to conceal if I have a pimple. And I also don’t really wear lip products or eyeshadow because those really aren’t my thing.


Tell me your routine!!!!



Fight or Flight

I’m claim to be a confrontational person but in reality, I’m much better at writing things out and giving my thoughts time to settle. I do however, have an inability to hold my tongue when angered. So you have this desire to stand up in front of everyone and be the center of attention, but you also have this desire to press pause on real life scenarios and think of a good comeback.

Today I saw someone I had gotten into a fight with via text message a few weeks ago. The disagreement was very impersonal because I was attacked with all these things I didn’t expect and there was no face to face interaction. People need to see facial expressions and body language in order to assess emotions. Yet despite this, I had time to collect my thoughts and words (and I feel like what I said was enough for a third party to go ‘oh snap’ at least once)! Nonetheless, I still dwelled on what I had said and the perfectionist in me felt like there was a lot more left unsaid.

Anyways, I saw said person today in the flesh. And they were lingering in my area, talking to a friend. So I naturally couldn’t hold my tongue and spoke up and said something. My heart rate started to speed up, my hands got shaky, I got flustered and I said what I hadn’t been able to say over text while thumbing my shaky thumbs over instagram to give them something to do.

This post isn’t about the trivial fight or the drama that seems to emerge from thin air and latch itself onto me. I’m not interested in that… I‘m a senior in college and I don’t want to spend my life dealing with insignificant things. But it is on my body’s inability to stop these mechanisms. I ALWAYS get this sort of anxiety over me in situations I don’t think should phase me.

Whether I’m being recognized or meeting someone for the first time or doing something outside of my physical comfort zone. My rejects it all. The strange thing is my head is the one telling me to do these things but its my body that shuts down. The weirdest thing is I wish these mechanisms are consistent. Instead they vary on the situation even if I can’t see the difference between scenario A and scenario B. I can give a speech tomorrow to the dean and rock it today but tomorrow when its amongst my co-workers I might get nervous.

I wish I didn’t have that nervous feeling for the insignificant things.

I’m really interested in working on myself in this regard.


I want to be a doctor someday. I want to work with people. I need to learn how to not let nerves shake me up. People will say things to me. I will be treated in a way I cannot control. I need the strength to fight this.

And in regards to my disagreement with the person above… I also need to let things not bother me as much as they do. Because the more I thought about what happened, the more I realize you’re problems will only eat you up and destroy you unless you grow the courage to fight them dead in the face. And even if showing kindness to people who have wronged you is difficult, at least my body will agree.

I don’t support the mantra to be care free because you DO need to care about the world around you. But don’t care to the point where you’re the only one pushing for something where there are far better things ahead. 

That typical Birchbox and Ipsy post

I feel like every single beauty/fashion lover has a post or video about Birchbox and Ipsy and all the other monthly subscription boxes on the market.

To be honest, I’m SO sick of watching youtubers talk about these boxes because I feel they 1. take FOREVER to show the items and 2. they only give you a two second ‘first impressions’ video or their reviews consist of what they ‘expect’ the product will be like. I feel like Birchbox could send some of these girls a product that retails for 50 cents and they would go on and on about how amazing that product will be and how they’re all so excited to try it!!!!!! Like how about you just post a damn photo of the box and link me to a site where the product gets real reviews from people who’ve used it for more than a day. Thats all I want. It feeds my nosey side of knowing whats in your box and lets me avoid seeing you hold up the two boxes in your preview thumbnail photo. I’m being mean, I know, but its one of my pet peeves. -__- Big props to all the bloggers that don’t do this.

ANYHOOO. My best friend bought me a 6 month Birchbox for Christmas and I have to say I was pretty satisfied. I love trying products and samples and I’ve got some pretty cool stuff. My favorites include the Keims clarifying shampoo because it helps my oily scalp from spilling over and frying an egg lol. I also really love the How Bout Them Apples palette from theBalm. I purchased the full size of these two.

A huge plus is that Birchbox has one of the best customer service representatives I’ve ever dealt with. My original order of the Keims shampoo spilled all over the stuff I ordered and not only did they send me the products I ordered again, but they also gave me 100 points to the store. Another scenario was that my box was sent to my old school address this month and I never received it, so they immediately sent me a new box with no questions asked.

The point system with them is amazing too. I have 300 points and can’t wait to order something nice!

My subscription ended this month and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I won’t be repurchasing this box anytime soon however because I just paid for the Kaplan MCAT and moneys a bit tight.

Now to ipsy. My sisters bought this service. I’m not sure what more to say because its only been their second month having it but I do like the concept of the makeup bags. But speaking as someone who has about 15 cosmetic bags from those ‘gift with purchases’ at the department stores, I feel like I could do without it. I find that ipsy sends them more makeup items than Birchbox which may suggest a different crowd target.  To be honest, I wouldn’t mind trying this service for myself because I’m a complete sucker for makeup.

My suggestion is to try one of them out. If your more of an anything goes person, you would probably like Birchbox. I’ve gotten random stuff like chocolate bars, nature bars, nail polish, brow gel… And if your more of a cosmetic gal, I’d go with ipsy. They sent my sister this stripper pink lip color and it was interesting to play around with. (And if your a guy, Birchbox has a mens box!)

I leave ya’ll with a description of what I got in my box for May!

1. Smashbox photo finish primer (WHICH I’VE WANTED TO TRY FOR YEARS!!!!)

2. Coola Post-sun cream

3. Caudalie oil

4. Pixi shea butter lip color in a coral hue

5. Some random chewy gummies I didn’t want

6. Kate Spade Saturday coupon which I also didn’t want

So which team do you choose? Porque no las dos?!?



Peace out guys!

Brush lovin’

I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let’s go party!


This is gonna be an odd post. But bear with me.

I have the most thick hair thanks to my middle eastern roots. With thick hair comes tangles and snarls. I used to cry because of my tender head.

When I was in first grade, my sister bought me the Aveda Paddle Brush because I was in so much pain. I’m a senior in college now…and I’ve used the same brush type for all that time. 

This brush is the best thing your can buy. Its durable and sturdy. You can blow dry your hair with it too. Its springy and has a place for the bristles to get some air. And best of all, IT DOESN’T HURT MY HEAD!!! It’s the nicest and least painful thing ever.

I would 1000% recommend checking this baby out. It’s twenty bucks but I’ve only bought three of them in the last 16 years. My sister and I swear by them.




Whaddup Doc?

Tomorrow I embark on a new journey. 



This. Is. Going. To. Be. My. Life. For the next two and a half months. I cut my hours at work and will spend four days a week studying hard core for the hardest test of my existence. 

I’m going to do a separate post on my medical ambitions and what I’m trying to do. But basically in a nutshell, if I don’t pass the 30 mark, I’m going to take the LSAT and go to law school. I know that seems counteractive and all over the place, but with my bio degree I think I can get into a patent law program. Regardless, I’m trying not to think of that back up plan because I really want to do this med school route. The only thing that can counteract my gpa is this MCAT.

I thought I would be able to self study until I took a practice diagnostic test. LAWLZ. I REMEMBER NOTHINGGGGGG from ANY of my science classes. And the things I thought looked familiar ended up screwing me over. 

The questions are fuc*ing impossible, excuse my french. 


I’m gonna relearn everything via Kaplan Advantage Online. 

I can do a review of the course and why I chose Kaplan over others if people are interested but basically I asked a lot of my friends who got over the 30 mark and are in med school and they all gave me a pretty extensive pros/cons list for prep courses.

(I will say I’m so far not impressed with Kaplan’s customer service. I had a lot of questions I wanted answered before I dished out $2,000 for a course and the people on the phone were beyond rude to me on multiple occasions. I also paid for expedited shipping and still have not received my books on time. My class started Wednesday and its already Friday -__-)

Anyways, going back to my summer of hell plans. After today, I’m shutting myself off from the outside world. I want this so badly and I’ll regret it so much if I never go through with it. For the first time in my life, I’m being challenged beyond anyway I’ve been before. And for the first time, I’m going to give it my all.



If you have any tips or suggestions or anything you want to share med school related please comment below. I would love to hear for you.