Impulse Buy #1

I was at CVS today, trying to spend my extra bucks when I stumbled upon something so pretty I had to buy it.

I seldom buy drugstore makeup…Not to sound snooty but I prefer higher end brands that have been proven to work for me. Plus I love how you can always sample the items at the department store, whereas what you see at drugstores in the package is what you get. You have to go home and try it to see if you like it… If it doesn’t work for you, tough luck.

As I was roaming the isles, I saw this BEAUTIFULLY packaged item. I hate hate hate HATE when people critique packaging when it comes to cosmetics. You aren’t buying the packaging or display of the item. It’s such a pet peeve of mine to hear people say stuff about packaging because that should not determine what you think of the item.

HOWEVER. I feel like a hypocrite because today, for the first time ever, I bought something because of its packaging. I’ve never heard of this item and I’ve never bought anything from this brand. BUT:

Enter Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Pen.


Its rose gold and pink. WITH A BOW. I can’t. I feel like if everything in the line by this brand was made the same way I would have walked out with everything. It was so so so pretty I couldn’t help myself.

I have one other highlighting/concealing pen by YSL…The touché éclat which is my favorite item ever as far as concealers go. However that thing costs more than my weekly paycheck so I took a chance and bought this on a whim. It cost $12.95 which I consider a lot for drugstore. When I buy things at CVS/Walmart I don’t like going over 6 or 7 dollars because then I can just double that amount and go to Clinique where I know the product will be stellar.

I’ve only been able to swatch on my hand today and my first impression is that it is very watery and runny, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.  I also don’t know how I feel about the brush.


I’ll keep you all updated on how I feel it wears afterwards!

But side note… If all my lipsticks/mascaras/brushes were in rose gold tubes with a pink bow I think I’d cry real life tears.


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