Whaddup Doc?

Tomorrow I embark on a new journey. 



This. Is. Going. To. Be. My. Life. For the next two and a half months. I cut my hours at work and will spend four days a week studying hard core for the hardest test of my existence. 

I’m going to do a separate post on my medical ambitions and what I’m trying to do. But basically in a nutshell, if I don’t pass the 30 mark, I’m going to take the LSAT and go to law school. I know that seems counteractive and all over the place, but with my bio degree I think I can get into a patent law program. Regardless, I’m trying not to think of that back up plan because I really want to do this med school route. The only thing that can counteract my gpa is this MCAT.

I thought I would be able to self study until I took a practice diagnostic test. LAWLZ. I REMEMBER NOTHINGGGGGG from ANY of my science classes. And the things I thought looked familiar ended up screwing me over. 

The questions are fuc*ing impossible, excuse my french. 


I’m gonna relearn everything via Kaplan Advantage Online. 

I can do a review of the course and why I chose Kaplan over others if people are interested but basically I asked a lot of my friends who got over the 30 mark and are in med school and they all gave me a pretty extensive pros/cons list for prep courses.

(I will say I’m so far not impressed with Kaplan’s customer service. I had a lot of questions I wanted answered before I dished out $2,000 for a course and the people on the phone were beyond rude to me on multiple occasions. I also paid for expedited shipping and still have not received my books on time. My class started Wednesday and its already Friday -__-)

Anyways, going back to my summer of hell plans. After today, I’m shutting myself off from the outside world. I want this so badly and I’ll regret it so much if I never go through with it. For the first time in my life, I’m being challenged beyond anyway I’ve been before. And for the first time, I’m going to give it my all.



If you have any tips or suggestions or anything you want to share med school related please comment below. I would love to hear for you. 



VAUNTE it all!

I was skeptical when my sister first told me about the website VAUNTE. I didn’t understand what was so revolutionizing behind having a website that was essentially like ebay or a second hand shop. When I logged on however, I saw the light. 


I mean there it was. A new way of shopping!

So heres how it works.  

The website features fashionistas and socialites who have one too many Guccis in their closets. So they sell these extra things for cheap prices and get the cash. 

Its different than ebay in many ways. The first thing I noticed on the website was the beautiful way they market the items. The photos look professional and make the website look presentable. Plus there is no bidding. You see an item, you buy it. End of story. Next, they guarantee authenticity. If for whatever reason that LV seems like it looks fake, they won’t sell it. This put me to ease because nothing is worse than paying for something you think is real only to find out its not. Trust me, its happened before and there was nothing I could do about it. And lastly, I get to see the closets of actual people who actually wore this stuff. I find its not like most secondhand/vintage places were they sell the stuff no one wants (cough cough pointed toe vintage Pradas)

The most exciting thing is that you don’t have to be a socialite/fashionista to sell your items! Just make a profile, take pictures, and wait for VAUNTE to oversee the authenticity. You’ll get 85% of the selling price when it sells!!!

When I made an account on the website, they gave me a 50 dollars off a purchase of 150 or more. I’m waiting for someone to sell a Burberry jacket 😉
CHECK THEM OUT AT https://www.vaunte.com 

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.24.03 AM

Top 7 Stores for Clothes/Accessories

I love clothes.

Let me say that again. I love love love love clothes.

I love what an outfit can do for someone, I love how there are so many different patterns and designs and materials and colors and cuts…. I could go on and on about clothes.

My top 5 favorite stores for clothes/accessories are


They carry brands that are almost identical to Marshalls except sometimes I find more high fashion designers here. Plus they have jewelry selection that is good quality and super beautiful. My go to store for basically everything.


The inner fashionista in me also likes to spend ridiculous amounts of money. Cue in Nordys. They have everything and anything I could want. Unfortunately, the one near my house has super thirsty commission seekers so I try to avoid going in there if I can. A simple desire to browse turns into seven different people trying to convince me to buy a $600 scarf I only wanted to see. Nonetheless, the trick is to go online and shop. The deals they have online are OUTRAGEOUS. One time, I saw a 800 dollar Burberry bag on sale for 257. But act fast, because chances are the really good stuff comes in a really small quantity. Nonetheless, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are the way to go for high fashion.


Super similar to TJ except no jewelry. Except they compensate for this by having an AMAZING homegoods section. I bought half the things for my house and dorm room from them. The prices are cheap and the quality is great so you can’t go wrong. They only have a few things that are made as set but the selection lets you pick through awesome one of a kind stuff. My favorite find was a HUGE jewelry box. We’re talking like 4 tiers of storage with mirrors and handles and a place to hang stuff… for $30. On your way to the checkout line, don’t forget to stop by the shoe dept. They know shoes better than ANYONE else!


I’m going to make a blog post about thrift shops/second hand stores later that’s going to share more about my experience with these places. Basically. If you are interested in sifting through racks of stuff to find that ONE OF A KIND piece for a price that seems almost sinful, you got it with these shops. They are seriously underrated and super cool! Yes organization may be a problem (I’m slightly claustrophobic) but sometimes when you see that beautiful item, you swallow all your fears and run for it!


Love/hate relationship in store form. I go online and for every 1 thing I can imagine myself wearing, there are 5 things I can’t. And the store selection doesn’t help either. Yes they have low quality clothing for the most part but honestly, I like everything I buy from them. I think each season I’ll pick up 2-3 items for my closet. I don’t feel bad because I spend next to nothing on them but those items usually are really in for that season. Just this past week I got a really pretty pink dress with a slit on one knee and a mini white quilted bag for $30.00. They have pretty cool accessories too.

6. J Crew

I don’t think they need much of an explanation. Class, trend, and style are all that come to mind with these guys. You will never go wrong with J Crew. They quality of the clothes is wonderful and they have a way of mixing and matching things in ways I would never be able to. With a student discount you get 15% off everything. So yes, the ticket price may be the same as that of your monthly mortgage payment, but when they have sales you can come out with a LOT of stuff for not even a fraction of the price. My claim to fame from here is a striped shirt for $6.00. And at the outlets, the number of deals you score are multiplied heavily.

7. Francescas Collections

This is the ultimate girly boutique. They have the most ADORABLE stuff and honestly I can’t say enough good things. If you want the best mix of preppy meets classy meets trendy meets fashion, this is the place to shop. They have a love for all things chiffon which usually doesn’t work well with my boxy upper body but I try my hardest to squeeze into those tops because they are to DIE for. Plus the jewelry and shoes here make the store that much better. LOVE this place.

That’s it. This basically sums up my favorite places to shop…and essentially the only places I shop.

I love a good deal and I love good style so make sure you give these places a chance if you haven’t already!




I have been wanting to jump on the blog bandwagon for MONTHS now, but I never knew where to begin. Today, I am embarking on a new journey and starting this thing. Over the next few months I hope you follow me and see what I’m up to. I’m not terribly exciting, unfortunately, but if you want to follow a  20 year old college girl as she makes her way into the real world then maybe you should stick with me 🙂

I’m going to blog about all things fashion/beauty related, life as apre-med, and anything else that comes to mind. Thanks for stopping by! xo